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    What is CAUV?

    CAUV stands for Cambridge Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV). It is a student developed autonomous submarine. The initial design criteria was for a small, cheap ROV to inspect the underside of pancake ice flows in the arctic. Developing an AUV that could perform this task remains our long term goal. However, our immediate challenge is the annual SAUC-E competition.


    What is an AUV?

    An AUV is an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle. These vehicles are completely unmanned and are capable of making critical mission decisions without assistance from human sources. This cutting edge technology allows exploration of underwater environments that are hard to explore using conventional methods.


    How did it start?

    The Cambridge AUV team started as a project run by the design club of the Cambridge University Engineering Department but has evolved into a university-wide society. The team incorporates members from a wide range of disciplines including Computer Science, Engineering, Natural Sciences and the Management Tripos.


    How do I get involved?

    If you'd like to join the team or help us in any way then please get in contact with us!