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    CAUV starts design on new vehicle

    This year we have started to develop our next generation vehicle; following our plan to return to a more compact form factor having used Red Herring as a test hull. The new concept will be a much more integrated design and it will prototype many aspects including our new integrated electronics, design for manufacture and a strong focus on ergonomics for end user operation. In line with our strategy we will be spending more time developing the vehicle than any in the past and it will be designed and built over this year and the next with the aim of having it ready and tested the SAUC-E 2012 competition.

    Major design work has now begun on the vehicle following the completion of a number of upgrades to our current vehicle. The main focus of the design so far has been the electrical and mechanical concepts and after much work a final mechanical concept has been chosen. The new vehicle will take a sleek, cylindrical form, with particular attention paid to its ease of use to the end user and a reduction in turn around time between missions. The current plan is for the vehicle to be constructed from stainless steel tubing with a diameter of 6 inches and to be about 1.2 meters in length. A concept design sketch has already been prepared and work on the design is continuing. We expect to be releasing the first computerised sketches in the next couple of weeks so keep your eyes peeled for them!

    Posted on Sunday 20th of March 2011 by simon

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