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    Lent blitz week 2011: Summary

    Testing in the River CamOver the last week we have made a lot of progress towards our immediate goal of maximum achievement in SAUC-E this summer. The installation of the new thruster speed controllers removed the last major problem with hardware, the team's own design proving far more successful then the commercial components they replace. The back end of the sub has been remodelled too, with the SONAR repositioned to give a better image and deflection plates increasing the propulsive efficiency of the rear thruster.

    This increased reliability has been a huge boost to the software team and allowed a much greater amount of testing to take place. The week saw testing of a spiral search pattern, a control system that optimises itself for stable performance and lots of work on the AI scripts (for things like pipe following and buoy detection).

    As well as all this the hardware team still managed to pack in the beginnings of some detailed design work for our next iteration AUV. There has been diligent progress on new prototype electronic circuits, including a battery management system, and the CAD is off the ground too! Efforts can only intensify as this year's competition draws closer.



    Posted on Tuesday 29th of March 2011 by ralph

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