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    Successful First Few Days at SAUC-E

    After an early morning start on Sunday all the team and equipment arrived safely in Italy and the team's enthusiasm to do well this year was immediately obvious on Monday, with Red Herring first to enter the main basin at NURC, where this year's competition is taking place.


    As followers of our twitter will know, these last two days have been very productive for CAUV and software development has surged ahead. The first day involved a lot of data gathering with lots of images and sonar data being recorded to assist in the tuning of object recognition that form part of the competition tasks. Our second day, today, has seen us starting to test and tune the mission scripts that will be used to perform the individual mission tasks to ensure faultless performance when they are used during the qualifying and final competition runs. The main focus has been on pipe following and we have started to look at buoy circling.


    Hardware has not been idle either, with a number of adjustments and upgrades underway. A new GPS module has been installed to allow positioning of the vehicle while it is on the surface and a ferocious cutting device is ready to be attached for freeing the tethered buoy.


    As we get closer to the qualification runs the pace will increase, so check back with us soon and keep following the twitter feed!



    Posted on Tuesday 5th of July 2011 by simon

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