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    SAUC-E 2011 - a roundup

    Photograph of the CAUV team in front of the competition arena at SAUC-E 2011



    Our performance in testing left the team excited for the semi finals of SAUC-E. Unfortunately as the AUV was being assembled for the semi final run one of the wires got caught, causing it to short circuit. Unable to get a reliable connection to the vehicle computer we had no choice but to abort the run. Once the vehicle was taken apart and the damage repaired the vehicle was able to take to the water once more, to record more data and continue testing scripts, but CAUV would take no further part in the competition.


    Congratulations go to the team from Lübeck, who claimed first prize with excellent performances in qualifying, the semi finals and the finals. CAUV won the award for teamwork, a considerable achievement given the large size of the team and lack of a supervising academic. We would also like to thank the NURC (NATO Undersea Research Centre) for organising the competition and their hospitality throughout.


    Despite the disappointment of not being able to show off our full capabilities in front of the judges the team are still optimistic. With the rapid software development of this year expected to continue and projects working on vehicle design being sponsored over the summer for the first time ever we are confident that next year will be a very exciting year for CAUV!

    Posted on Friday 15th of July 2011 by ralph

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