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    Gildenburgh Water with the University SCUBA Society

    Red herring dives down to a sunken pool table, accompanied by a human diverIn an exciting new collaboration, CUUEG (The university SCUBA society) and CAUV teamed up to dive in Gildenburgh Water - a diving centre with plenty of interesting underwater features to explore.


    Having divers with the sub gave us greater freedom in pushing Red-Herring (our development vehicle) to its limits. We took it down to down to 13 meters – quite a bit deeper than possible in our usual test area. Its weakest point, a ballast tank, was found and we now have greatly improved our confidence to operate in new and tougher environments.


    Red Herring, photographed from underneath by a diver in Gildenburgh water

    For the CUEEG divers, it was also an interesting opportunity to do something new at the centre. And with positive feedback from all sides it certainly is an exercise we plan to repeat!



    Posted on Sunday 9th of October 2011 by ralph

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