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    Michaelmas Blitz Week 2011

    Our Red-Herring AUV autonomously navigates part of the river Cam during our winter 'blitz-week' 2011Once again CAUV assembled last Monday for the first blitz week of the academic year. As temperatures plummeted the software team took to the river to test their new code. All the time spent working on Red Herring's hardware has paid off, with not one fault throughout the week, maximising the time spent testing. By the end of the week the vehicle was able to navigate the River Cam autonomously and an obstacle avoidance script was also tested!


    Meanwhile the new members of the hardware team busied themselves working on the Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV). Not only will this allow us to practice detecting the ASV for SAUC-E, it will replace the floating router and offer tether management capabilities to reduce the impact of running the vehicle tethered.


    Work on Barracuda also continued apace, with the main structure being sent off for manufacture just before blitz week. The battery management system, vital for protecting the lithium cells, has progressed and a prototype cutting device is being constructed.

    Posted on Sunday 11th of December 2011 by ralph

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