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    First batch of Barracuda parts arrive from Cambridge Precision

    Ralph, James and Steve unpack and examine the parts Barracuda parts just dropped off by MalcolmThis morning the CAUV team received the first batch of parts for Barracuda’s hull, beautifully machined by sponsor Cambridge Precision.


    With the arrival of these components the team takes a leap forward in the exciting journey of turning Barracuda from drawing board design to machine to compete in SAUC-E 2012!

    After seeing these the new parts and performing a mock assembly of part of the overall structure (which fitted perfectly) the team are eager to finish the remaining detailed design work.


    Thank you to Cambridge Precision for the fine machining!



    James and Ralph put together the newly recieved components of Barracuda to test fit

    Posted on Tuesday 17th of January 2012 by ralph

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