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    Pressure sensors with ARM micro validated

    Fully fabricated pressure sensor PCB, designed by CAUV. The next stage is to encapsulate this board

    This week was marked with the successful demonstration of one of our key bits of custom hardware: the pressure sensors for Barracuda. Unlike our earlier, more rudimentary designs, these exceptionally miniaturised PCBs use high fidelity diving pressure sensing elements. The data is encoded digitally before being passed into the vehicle's CAN network.


    The validation of these designs represented a big step for CAUV electronics: not only in itself but because the ARM cortex M3 based 'block' is used in CAN nodes across the vehicle. The door is now open to the reuse of these circuit elements in the completion of most of the other electronics. This includes our MCB (main control board), CSB (computer supervisor board), BMS (battery management system) and PDB (power distribution board).


    It was a reflection on the care and attention to detail in CAUV's electronics team that the PCBs (manufactured to a superb standard by sponsor Cambridge Circuit) worked first time. It's now a job for CAUV mechanics to encapsulate the PCB with a machined case and resin to make it robust to high pressure salt water.

    Posted on Saturday 11th of February 2012 by ralph

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