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    Construction of Barracuda AUV gets under way

    First mechanical assembly of Barracuda AUVFervent  progress has been taking place in the Cambridge engineering department project room this last week: the physical construction of our new Barracuda AUV has gotten underway in earnest.


    With the final batch of parts from Cambridge Precision, it is all coming together mechanically and real Barraucuda AUV looks gratifyingly similar to the CAD models we’ve worked with this past year!



    Testing the fit of the electronics rack within the waterproof hull of Barracuda AUVActivity in the CUED workshops has used our sheet metal facilities to complement outsourced manufacture.


    Meanwhile, the electronics team have been finalising the last few PCBs for manufacture, and the previous batch of circuit boards has been populated and tested. This includes our computer supervisor, main control, and motor control adapter boards.


    Work has also been on-going to produce an external duplicate of the vehicle’s full electrical system. This will allow bench testing of components and embedded software outside of the AUV.

    Posted on Friday 15th of June 2012 by ralph

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