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    Barracuda qualifies for the finals!

    Barracuda, complete, sits on the bench ready to go into the sea water basinCAUV has just qualified for SAUC-E 2012! This means that we will be able to take part in the finals tomorrow, where teams get 30 minute or 1 hour slots for their vehicle autonomously navigate the underwater obstacle course.


    It was incredibly close, and due to a mammoth effort from our software team (who had only 2 days with a completed AUV to test upon) Barracuda swam through the validation gate. Thus we have proven to the judges that we have built a vehicle capable of fully autonomous operation.


    Our final slot is the first tomorrow morning. The team therefore has from this evening till dawn to prepare as much more autonomous software as we can! We are focussing on our pipe following script so that in our competition run, after again passing through the gate, Barracuda will follow a bendy pipeline on the sea-bed. If this is completed, we'll then aim to have the vehicle track a harbour wall using its sonar.   

    Posted on Thursday 12th of July 2012 by ralph

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