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    SAUC-E 2013 - A Roundup (We Won!)

    SAUC-E 2013 CAUV group photo


    This year SAUC-E 2013 has been a huge success for CAUV. For the first time in the society's history, we've come away with 1st place! We also claimed the competition's 'innovation award', reflecting our use of mobile ARM processors and advanced software algorithms for acoustic localisation of an underwater pinger.


    Throughout the year improvements were made to both the hardware and software design of Barracuda. A brand new electronics rack has been designed and fabricated, replacing the old x86 architecture with a completely ARM-powered design. Leveraging this new architecture, which includes over 5 separate computers, is our own software stack, which has received numerous improvements. Finally, the mechanical design has undergone many tweaks (including a new paint job!), which have optimised Barracuda's performance within the water.


    This year both the AUV and team performed better than ever during SAUC-E. With Barracuda in the water every day, the team acrewed plenty of testing time, allowing us to tweak the various algorithms developed throughout the year. On the hardware side, a rock solid performance of both the mechanics and electronics meant that Barracuda remained operational throughout the competition (another 1st for CAUV).


    All the above factors lead to an excellent, all-round performance by CAUV this year. Achieving 1st place is a great reward to the hard work and effort put in by all the members of the team. With the success of SAUC-E behind us, CAUV has been spurred on to continue to innovate and maximise the performance of our AUV!


    Once again we'd like to thank all our sponsors for their generosity towards the project, without their continued support CAUV would not have been able to make it this far. Hopefully CAUV may continue as it does into the future, going on to bigger and better achievements...

    Posted on Tuesday 1st of October 2013 by jeb90