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    Get Involved. We're looking for new team members...

    Testing at SAUC-E

    [old 2014 info, see above for 2015 details!]


    CAUV is always open to new members and we're open to everyone but with the new year starting we'll be holding a number of events to help make it easier to get involved.


    For starters, come along to our squash where you can chat to us, find out what we do, and join the team. It's Saturday 18th Oct, 5pm at the Engineering Department (map) Lecture Room 4.


    The team is open to all members of the university and there are no requirements except that you are interested and want to get stuck in. We have had members from all years and with previous experience starting from absolutely nothing - we certainly don't expect anyone to know anything about AUVs. Getting stuck into some practical engineering is a great way to learn and that is what we aim to do while meeting new people and having a great time. There's also no fixed meetings and no rigid time requirements so come along and help when you have time, plus we work on the project just before term starts and just after term ends to help balance with course requirements. 


    We'll be advertising over the next few weeks and we'll be holding a squash (see up two paragraphs for details). Plus if you're interested you can drop us a quick e-mail to and we can add you to our mailing lists so you get any infomation into your inbox.



    Interested in AUVs?

    Want to do some practical engineering as well as lectures?

    Want to build something really cool?

    Want to learn how to use machine shop tools?

    Want to eat lots of pizza and have a good time?

    Come and find out more - squash details to be posted soon.

    Posted on Monday 6th of October 2014 by simon