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    The SAUC-E 2011 competition will be the 6th annual SAUC-E competition and will again be hosted at the NATO Underwater Research Centre (NURC) in La Spezia, Italy. This is the second year that NURC is hosting the competition and it is the first time that the competition will be open to non European teams as the competition continues to grow. The organisers are hoping to have 15 teams competing this year and the rules have become more difficult so it should be an exciting and closely fought competition.


    You can find our more information about the competition at their website and you can now follow the competition on facebook as well. 

    Mission Rules

    The competition will again be held at the waterfront at NURC so the vehicles will have to deal with real sea conditions, including limited visibility and salt water. While in the water, the vehicles will have 50 minutes to complete a series of tasks that form an underwater mission. The tasks must be completed autonomously, with no control, guidance, or communication from a person, or from any off-board computer including GPS.


    The tasks for the AUV's to complete have kept the same theme as the tasks in the 2010 competition but some new ones have been added to push the teams a bit further and add extra excitement. This year the tasks will be:

    1. Move from the release point, submerge and pass through a validation gate, which will be constructed of two orange buoys on rope, 4m apart.
    2. Perform an underwater structure inspection. The structure will be constructed of 0.5m diameter by 1.5m cylinders to form an irregular structure which must be followed while maintaining a 0.5m stand-off distance from it.
    3. Inspect and free a mid water target which will be tethered to the sea bed using a rope. The inspection will consist of performing a 360o circle around the target before returning to the initial approach angle to cut the rope holding the buoy to the sea bed.
    4. Survey a wall which maintaining a 2m standoff distance from it.
    5. Track the NURC ASV (Autonomous Surface Vehicle) which will move slowly around the competition arena. The vehicle will have an acoustic pinger mounted below it to assist the AUV in tracking it as it moves.
    6. Surface in the surfacing zone which will be transmitted to the AUV during the mission from the NURC ASV using an acoustic modem.